Hostel Life Paragraph Writing
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Hostel Life Paragraph Writing In English : हॉस्टल लाइफ पैराग्राफ राइटिंग इस तरह लिखें।

Hostel Life Paragraph Writing

 The Hostel is also a part of education. it is a living place for the outsiders students. The students who come from
other places are allowed to live in hostel. Hostel life is regular and helpful to study and health. In is a place where students is given a proper environment for all round development while living there.

All school does not have hostel. There are some who have hostel. Here a student finds a safety against bad social evils if he lives in city. Some students read in their city and some go to other City to get education. in hostel a student has to get up at fixed time. He has to follow the rule of hostel he takes care of all things himself. He was there cloth by himself. He puts everything in a proper and clean way. His railway education does not finish in class. He has his special social life. Social life also place an important part in education. This life is best enjoyed in the hostel. The boy who lives together in hostel, no each other. They from friendship which may be helpful in future life.

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They join games daily in the evening. They study in hostel at study hour. Thus, they get a habit of study in time.

The superintendent of the hostel is a teacher. He always thinks to make all round development of his student who are living in hostel under him. If he needs, he also calls the parents to take co-operation.

Being a man of discipline, he has a good discipline, The students learn to obey rules. They are made good citizen to hold the future responsibility. They have to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at a proper time.

Hostel Life Paragraph Writing
Hostel Life Paragraph Writing

They learn how to help and corporate with each other. They learn to give and take. They also learn to help those who are in trouble or suffering. They go to reading room and recreation hall in time. The Hostel live teachers them to help themselves and to stand on their own feet. They learn to take on decision on the spot. They set their life in a definite that to visit after some gap gives more joy they meet their, parents.

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Sometimes good boys get into bad company in a hostel. As a result they get bad habits. They being to smoke. They become a fan of cinema . They become fashionable. They waste money and time.

Here the superintend is to be blamed. It is his duty to turn out the bad fish from hostel ocean. He should be alert and should have sudden checking personally. On the whole in this modern period to face the competition hostel life is very co-operative and charming

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